The earliest deeds from Bedford County, VA pertain to William Mead, the purchase of the lots, and the establishment of the tavern. Various licenses also were granted to keep a running tavern during the Mead ownership.

chain of title - 441 & 442

William Mead purchased lots 5 & 6 from the New London Trustees in 1761. He held the land continuously until 1784. In 1767 a chancery suit states that Mead erected a “magnificent house” on the lot in 1763.

chain of title - C3 97 & 98

William Mead purchased more land within New London From William Callaway on May 27, 1767.

chain of title - CCDB 2 91

William Mead and his wife, Martha of Bedford County to William Harris, also of Bedford County for 300 pounds.

23 April 1785 [CCBD 2 P 82]: William Harris and his wife, Dosha to John Mead for 500 pounds, “four lots … denoted in a plan of the said town by the figures No. 5 and No. 6 containing one square acre and No. 8 and No. 45 containing by estimate five acres and a half. ..”

chain of title - CCDB 2 117

John and Elizabeth Mead to James Buford, all of Bedford County, for 500 pounds, “four lots … denoted in a plan of the said town by the figures No. 5 and No. 6 containing one square acre and No. 8 and No. 45 containing by estimate five acres and a half. ..”

chain of title - 62 & 63

James and Betty Buford, County of Bourbon and State of Kentucky, to Robert Snoddy of Campbell County for 300 pounds, “three lots or parcels of ground in the town of New London and known in a plan of the Town by the figures following…No. 6 being one half acre on which stands a large two storey house called Meads Tavern, No. 8 being one half acre and lying back of the lott aforesaid , and also three acres of ground being a part of the lott No. 45 which originally contained five acres, it being the part of said lott not conveyed by me to Thomas Reid.”

chain of title - CCDB 7 610

Robert and Sophia Snoddy to John Thompson for 200 pounds, two lots ”whereon stands a two story house formerly called Meads Tavern; also one other half acre lot lying south of it and in the same position with it, being a part of lots numbered eight  and forty-five…”

Further images of the chain of title will be added in the near future. They will include each of the following deeds:

  • 2 June 1834 [CCDB 19 P 31] June Wood to John H. Bailey for $120…sold to Bailey on 23 February 1833 to wit, one two story tavern wooden house situate on main street in the town of New London, Campbell County.
  • June 1834 [CCDB 19 P 319] This transfer led to a legal decree recorded in June 1834 [CCDB 19 P 319] in which Thomas Harvey, late Sheriff of Campbell County sold to John H. Bailey by decree of the Circuit Supreme Court of law and chancery held for the Town of Lynchburg 13 June 1832 in a cause between the Mutual Assurance Society against fire on buildings in the State of Virginia, Plaintiffs, and David S. Thompson, Henry Brown, Sr., William W. Austin, executors of John Thompson, deceased, June Wood and other defendants. It was determined that the sheriff should auction the following properties: sold to Bailey on 23 February 1833 to wit, one two story tavern wooden house situate on main street in the town of New London, Campbell Co. then lately in the occupancy of Mrs. June Wood, also a wooden stable situated on the back street and on Lot 8 of said town, Bailey being the highest bidder at $80.
  • 20 December 1854 [CCDB 30 P 333] John H. and Anna E. Bailey of City of Lynchburg to Joseph Graham of County of Campbell for $250, lots 6 and 8 “on road leading to Thompson’s old mill …”
  • 5 December 1871 [CCDB 36 P 93] 15 November 1859, Graham sold the land to William C. Burton for $1500 -Burton paid half up front but failed to pay the remainder by the appointed date of 15 November 1861, so Graham sued. The suit was settled with the sale at public auction on 28 January 1870 to Addison M. Davies of Lynchburg. The auction sale is recorded in a deed dated 5 December 1871 transferring the property from Joseph and Frances A. Graham to A. M. Davies.
  • 8 March 1872 [CCDB 36 P 95] Addison M. Davies of City of Lynchburg to Bennett W. Mosely for $1,410, house and lot, same as conveyed to said Davies by deed 5 December 1871 from J. M. Gordon, Commissioner, in suit of Graham vs. Burton and Joseph Graham and Francis A., his wife.
  • 24 August 1892 [CCDB 58 P 543] Charles H. Sackett, Commissioner in chancery suit of Moseley vs. Moseley and etc. and H. B. Zemow to Moses Dooley, Samuel Mitchell and Jesse Irving, trustees of the Presbyterian Church near New London known as the Academy Church. By decree of court recorded April Term 1889- an offer was made on 27 November  1889 by H. B. Zemow (then pastor of the church) on behalf of the church to use said house as parsonage. This is the same house as B. W. Moseley died, seized, possessed, and which was occupied by him as a residence for a number of years and the same which was conveyed to him by Addison M. Davies 8 March 1872.
  • 24 July 1897 [CCDB 65 P 94] Moses Dooley, Samuel  Mitchell , H. C. Meredith, trustees of the Presbyterian Church near New  London, the Academy Church, and N. L. Kabler to G. F. Kabler, house and lot of 112 acres in New London “used as a manse for said church”-for $1,000 N. L. Kabler obtained the right to the property from the church and conveyed it to his wife.
  • 10 November, 1902 [CCDB 72 P 215] N. L. and G. F. Kabler conveyed the property to R. W. Adams.
  • 20 November 1902 [CCDB 72 P 223] R. W. Adams to Mrs. Sallie R. Abbott for $700 plus $450 yet to be paid, land in New London “on the south side of the main street of said village and near its center, bounded  on the east by road leading south to Evington, on the west and south by the Hass (sic) Estate contains approximately 1…acres” it being the same land conveyed to R. W. Adams by N. L. Kabler and G. F. Kabler, his wife.
  • 21 November 1950 [CCDB 231 P 102] William W. Abbott and Elizabeth V., his wife (heirs at law of Sallie R. Abbott, deceased) to C. C. and Rosa B. Farris. Sallie R. had died several years before, intestate, and her husband predeceased her.  She left 6 adult children as heirs; Willie W., John T., Alexander D., Edmund G. Abott, Margarette A. Oliver, and Alma A. Dellinger.
  • 26 March 1970 [CCDB 423 P 492] C. C. and Pansie T. Farris to Stanley and Margaret P. Yankowski, approximately  1 acres.
  • 15 February  1982 [CCDB 579 P 642]Stanley and Margaret P. Yankowski to Ruby L. and Julian D. Johnson … in New London, 1 acres. The release of the Yankowski life estate can be found in the CCDB 513 P 313.
  • July 2012 -Ruby L. and Julian D. Johnson to Friends of New London, Virginia, Inc.

The chain of title for the tavern courtesy of Randy Lichtenberger.


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